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The Town of Renfrew

We are a strong vibrant community, located along the Hwy # 17 transportation route to northern Ontario and the gateway to western Canada. Here, urban amenities unite with rural benefits, making Town of Renfrew the right fit for your business and your family.

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The Ottawa Valley

The Ottawa Valley began forming 600 million years ago, and today the land forms a “trench” or “valley” in both the Province of Ontario and the Province of Quebec. The Ottawa Valley has a well defined river “The Ottawa River” running through the centre of this land mass. The land within the watershed of the Ottawa River is known as the “Ottawa Valley”.

Renfrew County is located in the heart of the Ottawa Valley, the Province of Ontario in the Dominion of Canada, geographically located in Eastern Ontario. The County of Renfrew in the Ottawa Valley stretches from the outskirts of Canada’s Capital, the City of Ottawa, in the east and along the shores of historic Ottawa River in the Province of Ontario, to the northern tip of Algonquin Park‘s wilderness in the west

The County encompasses 17 municipalities and has an area of 7,645.68 sq. kms. The Town of Renfrew is centrally located in the County

The area is rural in nature and is made up of distinct physiographic regions. The County is a composite of diverse segments, one region is an enclave for research efforts with a worldwide reputation, another is a location of industrial enterprises. The Scenery of the area makes this part of Canada unique.

Smart investors and entrepreneurs who want to put down roots no longer compromise between career opportunities and lifestyle. Instead they look to doing business in an environment where they can combine a stimulating career path with a pleasing way of life. More and more, they look to the Ottawa Valley – Renfrew County.

Here, the success of established businesses are applauded and new ventures are helped along the way with good sense, support and advice. As with any community, we rely heavily on the benefits of a strong support network linking us to new ideas, contacts and opportunities – nearby and around the world.

It’s in this tradition that we do business with an eye on the future while remembering the gains of our past. Innovative small manufacturing plants, accommodating tourism and hospitality operations, a progressive service sector and several advanced digital-based industries have come to recognize the benefits of doing business in the County of Renfrew.

Many of Canada’s keenest minds can trace their heritage back through several generations in the Ottawa Valley, while more and more, newcomers choose our Valley as legacy for their children. Family ties and wholesome values, strong community spirit, the absence of urban congestion, well maintained infrastructure and an outdoor recreation paradise, all help to create a productive environment for personal growth, entrepreneurial success and unique business opportunities.

Quality of Life

Renfrew County brings together what good living is all about – urbanized areas complete with contemporary conveniences, and small rural communities surrounded by vast open spaces. Throughout Renfrew County these contrasts in lifestyles are only minutes apart. Hours normally spent in rush hour traffic of large cities can be reserved for recreational pursuits in the Valley. A quiet lake with a fishing hole is never far away and golf lovers can choose a different course each day of the week. Renfrew County has approximately 158,000 acres of clean, clear water. As a result, recreational boating, beaches and marinas are abundant. Numerous ski hills, and hundreds of kilometres of groomed cross-country trails and snowmobile trails make Renfrew County a four-season paradise. Cultural events and social activities are rich in variety and talent. Valley neighborhoods are clean and secure – great places to raise families and enjoy the good life. All have easy access to excellent educational and health care facilities. Parks and recreational areas are plentiful and well maintained, while historical museums and public libraries are designed as people places.

Living and working in the Renfrew County means safe, friendly communities, an abundance of recreational facilities and green space, short commutes, and quality education and health care facilities.


Affordable, quality homes are another advantage of locating to Renfrew County. Low housing prices means that a move to Renfrew County allows a typical middle-class family the luxury of purchasing large, comfortable homes in safe secure neighborhoods.

Private lots are often severed and sold by the acre, and reasonably priced. Most lots can be purchased for under $40,000. Local contractors are available to construct homes at competitive rates. Affordable apartments and condominiums in Renfrew County are well-designed and easy to care for.

An additional advantage of purchasing a home in Renfrew County is the friendliness of small town living without giving up the amenities found in large urban centres.

Educational Facilities

Elementary and secondary school education is provided by two school boards in Renfrew County. The Renfrew County Board of Education is comprised of 27 elementary schools, 7 secondary schools and 5 alternative schools. The Renfrew County Roman Catholic Separate School Board provides 20 elementary schools and 2 secondary schools. Pre-school, academic nursery and kindergarten are also available.

Post secondary education is available locally through Algonquin College. Campuses are located in Pembroke and Renfrew. The college is fully accredited and offers a wide range of full-time certificate programs. The University of Ottawa also offers courses at Algonquin College in Pembroke via electronic link-up. Two major Canadian universities, Carleton and the University of Ottawa, are within 45 km from the eastern boundary of Renfrew County,